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 There are so many excellent restaurants that it is hard to know where to start. Many of the good restaurants are very "local" in nature and not the type that you would normally drive by and think "we must try that one". As I'm sure you will discover, Taos is a very laid back little town. Those who call this their home usually march to the beat of a different drummer. The atmosphere of the community lends itself to this which is far less imposing or ostentatious than Santa Fe.....therefore, the "local" restaurants reflect this attitude........ particularly two restaurants....El Pueblo Cafe on the north edge of town and The Main Street Bakery in Guadeloupe Plaza just off La Placita behind the main Plaza. Both are quite local but the food is fantastic. Both have great Mexican food.....I think the best in town....El Pueblo has the best Sopaipillas I have ever eaten. If you like Mexican/New Mexican food you must try these two local restaurants.

Just down the road from the house is the small town of Arroyo Seco( dry river bed) and the several excellent places to eat. First, on your left as you are going towards Taos is "Abe's Bar and Restaurant" must go down some morning and have their Breakfast Burritos......we like to add a little Worcestershire Sauce....but they are to die for!! It is a 1.8 mile walk from the house if you wish to start the day with a little exercise! I had better warn you, the walk down is easy.....the walk back 8000 feet is a real test of your cardiovascular will find the need to stop often and enjoy the scenery!!

After you leave Arroyo Seco heading towards town....and I do mean just after....just around a curve you will see a sign for "Vida" one of the finest restaurants in the area. The building is an old hacienda which the owners have transformed into a remarkable restaurant. The bar/lounge has a fireplace at one end with lots of comfortable chairs and a piano. On weekends there is live jazz played by one of the many local, talented groups. It really is a must while visiting the area.

A small but very good Mexican restaurant is located at the end of Bent Street....the Tapas de Taos Cafe - 758-9670. Real Mexican food......very good. Just up the street is The Apple Tree - 758-1900, great lunch with excellent soups. In the evening you might want to try their filet of the best you will ever have. Just across the street from The Apple Tree is the Bent Street Deli -758-5758, another great breakfast and lunch spot. Great sandwiches and soups......I would especially recommend their Ruben sandwich....outstanding! Right on the Plaza is Olgelvies - 758-8866.....traditional Mexican food....very pleasant atmosphere and excellent food.

Also downtown is Eske's Brew Pub.....great is not fancy but very good!

Just beyond McDonalds on the left, back in a little strip mall is La Luna Ristorante-751-0023, a great Italian restaurant! Nice atmosphere and great food at reasonable of our favorites.

Moving south out of the downtown area you will come to Lambert's - 758-1009 - on the left side of the road. A little more upscale....very good food....I especially like their roast pork loin with garlic mashed potatoes with fantastic Chipotle gravy.....a real must try! If you are of a vegetarian bent then ask them to give you the garlic mashed potatoes with their mixed vegetables...AND the gravy....out of this world!!! They also have an excellent wine list and a good rack of lamb.

Driving south to Ranchos de Taos you will find two more great restaurants, the "Ranchos Trading Post" and "Joseph's Table" both outstanding restaurants and certainly worth the trip....."Joseph's" is small and popular so reservations are recommended.

About 5 miles south of town is the Stakeout Grill and Bar - 758-2042. A pretty good drive but really worth it. Great views of Taos Valley...especially at sunset! The food is outstanding....I guess it has to be to be that far out of town and still be successful. Wonderful dining outside on the patio in the Summer!

It seems there is always a new restaurant we hear about...and I'm sure you can find a good one which I haven't mentioned. Be brave....I don't think you will have a bad experience anywhere.


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